Our Summer of Fun (Shutterfly Giveaway)

This post is brought to you by Global Influence. This summer has been so full for us. We did so many things as a family, which I have to say is something we haven’t done in a few years. I think I decided before school got out that I wanted to create a summer of […]

Grown Ups 2 Sneak Peak & Shutterfly Pinning Party

One of my favorite movies from 2010 was Grown Ups. I have always been a huge fan of Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade. Having this comedy powerhouse together on the big screen was non-stop hilarious. Well riding on their success they are at it again with Grown Up 2.

Paper Culture Holiday Greeting Cards Review

As long as I can remember I have always LOVED Holiday Greeting Cards. I remember getting them and making a wreath with them using the wire card holder my grandma had at her house. Since she was a business owner and involved in many many many civic organizations she would get oodles and oodles of holiday greeting […]