Sears Last Minute Gift Grab on Dec 17th for Members Only!! #Holiday2012 #spon

As December 25th, approaches with a quickness I am starting to get anxious about finding the perfect gift for my husband. Although he claims to be “the easiest person to shop for” (His words not mine at all! lol), I am again cutting it close to the wire purchasing him a gift. Thankfully Sears Shop […]

Don’t miss another UPS Delivery!!!!

Have you ever arrived home to find a UPS tag on your door saying they had been to drop off a delivery and you weren’t home??? I have in the past and it is frustrating. Well with all the online holiday shopping I will be doing this year I won’t have to worry because I […]

Fellowes Laminator Review w/ Kitchen Cheat Sheets

Do you ever look in the freezer and stand there trying to decide what to make for dinner? Do you stare at the meat packages and wonder if they are still good? Great me too! LOL With a family of 7 I have to buy in bulk and when things are on sale in order […]

EzyRoller the Hot Must Have Toy for 2012 (Review)

Would you LOVE to get your kids back playing outside?? I know I do. Well with the EzyRoller your biggest problem will be getting them to come back!! Recently I was offered the chance to review the EzyRoller with my family. When I first recieved the box I was surprised at how small it was. […]