Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures 2012, Day 9!

  Today the elves decided we needed some Christmas lights up. So they lit up the TV with lights. Rosie has done this before so I think she was showing Angel how it’s done. Such a good big sister Elf she is!! <3

Pixi Beauty by Petra Review

As many of you know I LOVE everything Disney! I love to go to the parks, watch the movies and I have quite the collection of Disney related items. Well I am also a HUGE lover of make up. Maybe it is because I grew up in the 80’s and had every shade of eye […]

Rosie & Angel Elf Adventures Day 4!

Today’s Elf Adventure included Rosie & Angel beginning to decorate the house! They both seem to love to decorate during the holiday season and are quite good at it! I think they are trying to get me to get my self in gear and dig out the Christmas decorations! What was your elf up to […]

Special Toys for Special Kids ~ Plan Toys Review

As many of you know I have a very special nephew who I adore more than words named Ethan! He is sweet, funny, and melts my heart when he calls me Aunt T-T!! He is also Autistic. I am sure you have or know of someone with a child with Autism. Although there are challenges […]

Give the Most Valuable Gift Ever this Holiday!

As the heart of the holiday season fast approaches I am sure finding the perfect gift is top on your to-do list. Well I know what that Perfect gift is!!! It’s You and Your Time. Yes kids love toys, electronic gadgets and shiny wrapped presents but those material things aren’t what a childhood is made […]

McCormick Gravy Will Save Your Thanksgiving! (Giveaway)

As anyone will tell you gravy is one of the most important accessories to any Thanksgiving table. I personally LOVE gravy. It is such a versatile addition to any dinner. You can pour it on top of mashed potatoes and meat. You can dip a sandwich in it or you can make an open-faced sandwich dripping with it. […]