The transition has been made. :0(

Today I registered the kids for school. Here in Florida we have school choice. Basically depending on what zone you live in you choose the order of the schools in that zone from your first choice to the last. Thankfully when I went last week I got the schools I wanted. Today I had to […]

Devastated!!! Homeschooling has to end!!

So since we moved to Florida I have learned that I can not continue to home school this year. I am beyond upset about this. I found out that there is a law, Florida is the only one with this law, that states you can not do virtual home school unless your child has gone to […]

Wordless Wednesday


Feeling better and changes are a coming..

I am now finally feeling better physically and emotionally since Christmas. We are about a day away from the end of the first half of the school year and I can honestly say my kids have done an awesome job being Homeschooled. I was cautiously optimistic when I started the journey in August of last year but […]

Where’s my Twin?

As work kicks into high gear with party season and the holiday season is in full swing I am feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Top that with homeschooling and sleep deprivation and you have one all around exhausted Momma. After getting like 3 hours sleep last night I started really wishing […]

Planning meals for the week…..need your help!! (Giveaway!!)

So since I am homeschooling I am trying my best to make my life (not to mention my hubbies who cooks dinner 4 out of 7 days a week) a little easier by planning meals. I even would like to try what I have heard others do which is making meals ahead of time. My […]