Wordless Wednesday 6/19 ~ Summer Reading

Reading is FUNdamental! ♥ In order to keep the girls on track with their reading they are required to read at least 1 hour a day while on summer break! Do you make you kids read during the summer? If so for how long?

PAAS/Heinz Easter Fun that helps Make A Wish!

Can you believe that Easter is only 2 weeks away?? Well in our house nothing says “Easter is almost here” like decorating Easter eggs with PAAS  decorating kits and Heinz vinegar.  Every year we go out a buy fun PAAS egg decorating kits and the kids have a blast designing their Easter eggs. This year however, not only can […]

My Incredible Insanely Crazy 2012!

To say this year has been an unpredictable, insanely crazy, yet full of fun and blessings of new friendships would be an understatement. Anyone that knows me, knows I take a MILLION pictures. So I am going to show you my year from start to finish through the eye of my camera phone!! 

Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures 2012, Day 11!

  So on the 11th Day of Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures they decorated the fridge. The girls love playing with the magnets!!

My Mini Fashionistas!

  Where did time go?? It seems like just yesterday they were babies. But here they are 8 & 9, Beautiful, Smart and little Divas!! Time needs to slow down seriously!! <3

Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures 2012, Day 10!

Last night the girls and I made Christmas cookies. Well apparently the elves LOVE cookies, (obviously they do they are elves lol). And while they decided to snack on some cookies they sat in the freezer. LOL Such funny elves they are!!