Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventure 2012, Day 8!

Today the elves brought the girls chalk. They also decided to leave them a message. They really do pay close attention because my girls love chalk for outside and for their chalk board in their room!

Special Toys for Special Kids ~ Plan Toys Review

As many of you know I have a very special nephew who I adore more than words named Ethan! He is sweet, funny, and melts my heart when he calls me Aunt T-T!! He is also Autistic. I am sure you have or know of someone with a child with Autism. Although there are challenges […]

Give the Most Valuable Gift Ever this Holiday!

As the heart of the holiday season fast approaches I am sure finding the perfect gift is top on your to-do list. Well I know what that Perfect gift is!!! It’s You and Your Time. Yes kids love toys, electronic gadgets and shiny wrapped presents but those material things aren’t what a childhood is made […]

November 12th: Today I am Thankful for..

Today I am Thankful to God for giving my son almost 20 years ago. Yes I was young, 16 to be exact, but God knew what he was doing. He changed my life forever and make me a better person. To say I am proud of the young man he is today, would be a […]

EzyRoller the Hot Must Have Toy for 2012 (Review)

Would you LOVE to get your kids back playing outside?? I know I do. Well with the EzyRoller your biggest problem will be getting them to come back!! Recently I was offered the chance to review the EzyRoller with my family. When I first recieved the box I was surprised at how small it was. […]

Are we to busy for our kids?

A recent conversation about eating dinner at home got me wondering, Do we have ourselves and our kids so over scheduled that we don’t have time for quality time with our kids? For some of us sadly I think this is true. So many of my mommy friends don’t have time to make dinner and […]