Do you suffer from Migraines? Then you need Therapearl!

I have been a long time sufferer of headaches and migraines due to allergies and stress for as long as I can remember. If your migraines are anything like mine functioning with one is difficult at best. Of course I take medication for them but it takes a while for them to kick in and […]

Quote of the Day for 8/13

There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one ~ Jill Churchill

My Disney’s Brave review and What it taught me about my kids!

Oh where to begin. This morning we decided to take all of our girls, Mandi, Abbie and Emmaleigh, to go to see Brave. I haven’t read any reviews because I didn’t want to have a per-conceived notion of the movie and I am so glad I didn’t. From just a visual perspective the movie is […]