My Baby Girl made Breakfast …Biscuit Egg Muffins.

So my youngest Emmaleigh Grace loves to help me cook and bake. Every time I am in the kitchen she asks to help. When she looks up at you with those long lashes and cute face you can’t help but say yes. :0). So Sunday morning I told her she could make breakfast with a […]

A Camping We Will Go…

  So a little over a week ago I went camping with my Abbiedoodle and her girl scout troop. It was the first time I had been camping since my oldest, Tyler who is 19, was in cub scouts. So it had been a while. We went camping at a great girl scout camp here […]

I’m your Momma, NOT your friend!!

So as I was site searching this morning I cam across this article on It was written by Brooke Burke. The article was about dealing with her tween daughter and the fine line between being a mom and being a friend. Any of my children will tell you that I have said it more […]

Our self esteem and how it affects our daughters.

A post on a mommy board I visit really got me thinking about self-esteem and how ours affects our daughters. I think that the fact that it does affect our daughters self-esteem is why I worked so hard to loss weight and why I was determined to graduate college. I don’t want my girls to think they […]

The transition has been made. :0(

Today I registered the kids for school. Here in Florida we have school choice. Basically depending on what zone you live in you choose the order of the schools in that zone from your first choice to the last. Thankfully when I went last week I got the schools I wanted. Today I had to […]

Today’s Shooting in Ohio..We as a Society are Failing our Youth.

Now I realize that many people will take offense to what I am going to say but it still needs to be said. We as a Society are failing our young people. What is on T.V. at any given time of the day or night…, violence, and cussing. How are we treating ourselves and others […]