Create Your Own Monsters University ID!

  My kids have been talking about this movie ever since they saw the previews and honestly I am just as excited. I truly loved the first Monsters Inc movie. Well if you want to make your movie date be over the moon you can now make Monster University ID Badges to surprise them with.

Check out the Monsters University Preview from #Disney and #Pixar!!

Disney and Pixar just released another Monsters University preview. To say my family and I are excited for this movie is an understatement. I think it will be another box office hot for the Disney Pixar Brand. So with out further and here is the new preview…

My Disney’s Brave review and What it taught me about my kids!

Oh where to begin. This morning we decided to take all of our girls, Mandi, Abbie and Emmaleigh, to go to see Brave. I haven’t read any reviews because I didn’t want to have a per-conceived notion of the movie and I am so glad I didn’t. From just a visual perspective the movie is […]