For The Love of Pumpkin Recipes

If you know me or follow me on any of my social media channels, chances are you know that I am totally obsessed with all things pumpkin. This really isn’t a new thing for me. I remember pumpkin pie was my favorite dessert at our family Thanksgiving dinners. I was always sad that I could […]

McCormick Gravy Will Save Your Thanksgiving! (Giveaway)

As anyone will tell you gravy is one of the most important accessories to any Thanksgiving table. I personally LOVE gravy. It is such a versatile addition to any dinner. You can pour it on top of mashed potatoes and meat. You can dip a sandwich in it or you can make an open-faced sandwich dripping with it. […]

November 12th: Today I am Thankful for..

Today I am Thankful to God for giving my son almost 20 years ago. Yes I was young, 16 to be exact, but God knew what he was doing. He changed my life forever and make me a better person. To say I am proud of the young man he is today, would be a […]

November 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th: What I am Thankful for…

So as you can see I didn’t get my Thankful posts up for a few days. It has been crazy busy here at my house. So I want to get up to date on this and get the week started off right.   Thursday November 8: I was Thankful for the fact it was almost […]

November 7th: Today I am Thankful that..

Today I am Thankful that the elections are over. So much time and effort has been used towards hate and nastiness during this campaign season. I am ready for it to end. Of course I realize that it will never truly be over but I wish that more respect was given to those of differenting […]

November 5th: Today I am Thankful for…

Today I am Thankful that God’s plan was for my Family to move back to Florida earlier this year. Last year was so hard on our family for many reasons. One of those reasons being all the snow we had and I am NOT a snow/cold weather person. If someone would have told me on […]