Where Could You Use More Cleaning Power?

  When it comes to cleaning in my house it is a serious challenge. With 3 kids, a cat, a dog, and a husband cleaning is a never ending saga. (To be fair though my husband is the king of cleaning. ) Over the years I have gone through a plethora of cleaning products. Some […]

Saving Money with Walmart Family Mobile

For about a month or so now my daughter has been using her new phone that we got through Walmart Family Mobile.  I can’t deny that we have had to use the phone quite a few times for choir rehearsal pick ups and for other times we’ve needed to reach her. I can honestly say […]

Back to School with a Cheap Wireless Plan

As a stay home mom, I just have to say I am pretty excited that all the kids are back to school. However, not long after school started by daughter decided to join the choir. This means she will be staying after school and have to be picked up when my husband gets home. This […]

New Vaseline Spray & Go with $100 Gap Gift Card Giveaway

Save Up to $1.50 on NEW Vaseline® Spray & Go™ Visit Walmart to print up to $1.50 in coupons for Vaseline® Spray & Go, the new spray-on lotion from Vaseline® that moisturizes deeply and absorbs in seconds!

Celebrate 50 Years of the Berenstain Bears!

Growing up one of my favorite cartoons to watch was Berenstain Bears. It actually started with my love the Berenstain Bears books. I used to wish secretly that I could be a bear just like sister bear. It’s hard to believe that the first book was published 50 years ago. In celebration of this amazing […]

Coffee Mate Saves My Breakfast Crisis #UltimateCup

As most of you probably know by now, coffee is the number one must have in my house. It is the only way to start the day and without it…let’s just say it is pretty!(LOL) Along with my obsession love of coffee, comes the love of Coffee Mate Creamers. Every since they started to come […]