What’s SUP??

Manatee Paddle

Recently I was invited to go SUPing. The wonderful company Manatee Paddle invited the Tampa Bay Bloggers to come and try SUPing in the Crystal River and 3 Sister Springs. Now you may or may not be scratching your head wondering what it is. Well it is Stand Up Paddleboarding. And it is quite the adventure.

Manatee Paddle

Now this was my first ever attempt at SUPing. I thought this would be easy and for the most part it was but when you are a little on the fluffy side with some not that great balance going on, it can be an adventure.

Manatee Paddle Guide Wes

Once I got my bearings, as well as everyone else, we had a fantastic time. It was a little windy the day we went but we all made it to the springs and back with no problem. Our guide Wes, was a total pro at SUPing and was extremely patient with us. He took his time explaining everything to us and going over safety rules. He definitely made us feel like we could do it and were in good hands should something come up.


Here you can see Emma and I as we arrived at 3 Sisters Springs. The water is GORGEOUS. This was Emma’s first time at the springs and she loved it. She even jumped off the board for a swim. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had that day. It was a work out but it was sooo much fun. A fellow blogger was using her Polar Watch and said that she burned 1000+ calories. That is AWESOME! (Note to self I really need to get one of these 🙂 ) We are planning another SUPing adventure with Manatee Paddle as soon as my Hubby has a Saturday off. Having time to spend with family and creating memories like this is just another way that helps me continue….Making It All Work.

A very special Thank you to Manatee Paddle for such a great experience  For more information about Manatee Paddle visit their Website and follow them on Facebook & Twitter for up to date info.

I am a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers and was invited to spend a complementary day with Manatee Paddle. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Oh my gosh I have ALWAYS wanted to try this. Wow, that water is gorgeous. I need to come visit. 🙂

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